Auguste Orts was founded by Herman Asselberghs, Sven Augustijnen, Manon de Boer and Anouk De Clercq.

A small production and distribution platform with the experience it takes to conceive, start and execute audiovisual art projects in between genres and formats. This expertise is shared through guest productions.

this was before by Herman Asselberghs


Till Apr 26 Mixed Emotions / Gemengde Gevoelens at cc Mechelen, with a.o. this was before by Herman Asselberghs and Printed Matter by Sirah Foighel Brutmann & Eitan Efrat

Proud to announce April will bring a next edition of On & For Production, an initiative to facilitate the production of artists' films which we launched last year, in collaboration with LUX, Contour, Art Brussels, Kunstenpunt & Argos, Centre for Art and Media. On Apr 24 we organise a workshop on distribution of artists' films. And on Apr 25 there's a professional day around projects by Joachim Koester (DK - Auguste Orts BE), Stephen Sutcliffe (GB - LUX GB), Eleni Kamma (BE/GR - Jubilee BE) and Isaías Griñolo (ES - ca2m ES). María Palacios Cruz wrote a report on the pilot edition in 2014; available here.

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Wednesday, Apr 1 Sphinx Gent (BE)
Screening & TalkThing (Anouk De Clercq), Swan Song (Anouk De Clercq, Jerry Galle & Anton Aeki)

Thursday, Apr 2 — 20:00 Courtisane, Paddenhoek Gent (BE)
Screening & TalkDISSENT! Billy Woodberry

Friday, Apr 3 — 15:30 Courtisane, Sphinx Gent (BE)
Screening & TalkDISSENT! Pedro Costa & Thom Andersen

Jan 17 – Apr 5 Collective Gallery Edinburgh (GB)
ExhibitionBeauty and the Right to the Ugly (Wendelien van Oldenborgh)

Jan 22 – Apr 12 CAPC musée d'art contemporain Bordeaux (FR)
Ce qui ne sert pas s’oublie
ExhibitionL'Histoire Belge (Sven Augustijnen)

Jan 23 – May 17 The Power Plant Toronto (CA)
The Unfinished Conversation: Encoding and Decoding
ExhibitionSpectres (Sven Augustijnen)

Feb 8 – Apr 5 argos Brussel (BE)
Si tu veux voir le monde, ferme tes yeux
ExhibitionSpeech Act (Herman Asselberghs), Robert, June 1996 - Robert, September 2007 (Manon de Boer), Laurien, March 1996 - Laurien, September 2001 - Laurien, October 2007 (Manon de Boer)

Feb 14 – Apr 26 Cultuurcentrum Mechelen (BE)
Exhibitionthis was before (Herman Asselberghs), Printed Matter (Sirah Foighel Brutmann & Eitan Efrat)

Feb 27 – Apr 19 Videonale 15 Bonn (DE)
"30 Years - 30 Voices, Part 2“
ExhibitionAttica (Manon de Boer)

Mar 12 – Apr 26 Kunsthall Trondheim (NO)
ExhibitionSummer Thoughts (Sven Augustijnen)

Mar 19 – May 2 Médiathèque - Fonds d’art contemporain de la Ville de Genève (CH)
Unfinished Histories: Limes - Voyages de frontière
ExhibitionCapsular (Herman Asselberghs)

Mar 28 – May 31 Punkt Ø- Galleri F 15 & Momentum Moss (NO)
ExhibitionThe Joycean Society (Dora García)

Apr 1-7 Numax Santiago de Compostela (ES)
ScreeningThe Joycean Society (Dora García)

Apr 1-4 argos Brussel (BE)
Screeningthis was before (Herman Asselberghs)

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Auguste Orts is supported by
Vlaamse Gemeenschap

Partner of Auguste Orts is
Hogeschool Sint-Lukas Brussel