Mar 23, 2016 – Feb 6, 2017 Centre Pompidou Paris (FR)
Cher(e)s Ami(e)s: Hommage aux donateurs des collections contemporaines
ExhibitionLe Guide du Parc (Sven Augustijnen)

Sep 3 – Nov 6 Musée d'art contemporain des Laurentides Saint-Jérôme (CA)
ExhibitionJohan (Sven Augustijnen)François (Sven Augustijnen)

Sep 7, 2016 – Jan 22, 2017 City Gallery The Hugh Lane Dublin (IE)
The Metronome Burst of Automatic Fire Seep Through the Dawn Mist Like Muffled Drums and We Know It for What It Is. Solo by Sven Augustijnen.

Sep 8 – Nov 19 La Loge Brussel (BE)
Le Réduit, solo by Sven Augustijnen

Sep 10 – Dec 18 Temporary Gallery Cologne (GB)
Straub/Huillet/Weiss: Fremdheit in unserer engen, vertrauten Welt
ExhibitionLaurien, March 1996 - Laurien, September 2001 - Laurien, October 2007 - Laurien, July 2015 (Manon de Boer)

Sep 10, 2016 – Feb 5, 2017 Biennale Taipei (TW)
Gestures and archives of the present, genealogies of the future
Exhibitionsequenza (Manon de Boer & George van Dam)Spectres (Sven Augustijnen)Two Times 4’33” (Manon de Boer)Summer Thoughts (Sven Augustijnen)Resonating Surfaces (Manon de Boer)

Sep 10 – Dec 4 Le Point du Jour centre d'art Cherbourg (FR)
Attica, USA 1971 Images et sons d'une révolte
ExhibitionAttica (Manon de Boer)

Sep 21, 2016 – Jan 1, 2017 Museu Colecção Berardo Lissabon (PT)
The Unfinished Conversation: Encoding/Decoding
ExhibitionSpectres (Sven Augustijnen)

Sep 22 – Oct 30 Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia Tallinn (EE)
ExhibitionThe Joycean Society (Dora García)

Oct 1-31 LUXPLAYER London (GB)
Screeningel helicóptero (Dora García)

Oct 12 – Nov 3 Jan Mot Brussel (BE)
build-up period of the exhibition 'An Experiment in Leisure'

Oct 16, 2016 – Jan 15, 2017 Centre Rhénan d'Art Contemporain Altkirch (FR)
La liberté sans nom
ExhibitionL'Ecole des Pickpockets (Sven Augustijnen)

Oct 20-30 Doclisboa Lissabon (PT)
Manon de Boer member of the International Competition jury


Oct 22-24 Doclisboa Lissabon (PT)
ScreeningAn Experiment in Leisure (Manon de Boer)

Nov 1, 2016 – Jul 14, 2017 Open Society Foundation New York (US)
"Urban Now": Sammy Baloji and Filip De Boeck
ExhibitionPungulume (Sammy Baloji)

Wednesday, Nov 2 Wallach Art Gallery of Columbia University New York (US)
Screening & TalkPungulume (Sammy Baloji)

Nov 3 – Dec 17 Jan Mot Brussel (BE)
and selection of other works
ExhibitionAn Experiment in Leisure (Manon de Boer)

Thursday, Nov 3 Fogo Island Arts Fogo Island (CA)
ScreeningResonating Surfaces (Manon de Boer)

Saturday, Nov 5 Festival Les Écrans Documentaires Arcueil (FR)
ScreeningThink about Wood, Think about Metal (Manon de Boer)

Saturday, Nov 5 Ruler Helsinki (FI)
The movement that didn't have a dog and a stick around it
ExhibitionThe Joycean Society (Dora García)

Nov 5 – Dec 4 Zebrastraat Gent (BE)
Update_6/ NTAA 2016
ExhibitionLightkeeping - as installation (Elias Heuninck)

Sunday, Nov 13 — 21:00 Cinematek Brussel (BE)
ScreeningSpectres (Sven Augustijnen)

Nov 17-20 Playground Leuven (BE)
Exhibitionel helicóptero (Dora García)

Tuesday, Nov 22 Bunkier Sztuki Contemporary Art Gallery Krakow (PL)
Theories and Practices of Visual Culture: Trauma and Revival
ScreeningSpectres (Sven Augustijnen)

Thursday, Nov 24 Beursschouwburg Brussel (BE)
Screening & TalkAtlas (Anouk De Clercq)

Wednesday, Dec 14 mumok Vienna (AT)
ScreeningConcrete & Samples II Blockhaus (Aglaia Konrad)

Jan 18 – Apr 9, 2017 Ryerson Image Centre Toronto (CA)
ExhibitionAttica (Manon de Boer)

Jan 28 – Mar 19, 2017 Argos Brussel (BE)
STEP UP! Belgian Dance and Performance on Camera 1970-2000
ExhibitionLa Tristeza Complice (Sven Augustijnen)

This is a listing of all current and some upcoming events. There is also an archived agenda.