Auguste Orts is founded by Herman Asselberghs, Sven Augustijnen, Manon de Boer and Anouk De Clercq.

A small production and distribution platform with the experience it takes to conceive, start and execute audiovisual art projects in between genres and formats. This expertise is shared through guest productions.

On & For Production: How we made it happen, Dec 2015 - BOZAR, Brussels


On & For Production is an initiative committed to the production of artists’ film.

On & For Production Brussels edition 21 & 22 APRIL 2016
SEMINAR – The “how” is unavoidably entangled with the “what” Thursday 21 April, 10am-5pm at Erg
PROFESSIONAL WORK SESSIONS Friday 22 April, on invitation only
SCREENING – Letter of Complaint & other works by Rachel Reupke Friday 22 April, 8.30pm at Beursschouwburg
SEEING IN THE DARK 13 April – 14 May at CINEMATEK “carte blanche” by Anouk De Clercq
READING THE LENS – Evidence Today, Fiction Tomorrow 23 April, 7.30 pm at Villa Empain

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Saturday, Apr 30 topkino Vienna (AT)
Let's show moving images!
Screening & TalkPrinted Matter (Sirah Foighel Brutmann & Eitan Efrat)

Mar 15 – May 10 Gallery of Musrara Jerusalem (IL)
The Disorder of Things
ExhibitionPrinted Matter (Sirah Foighel Brutmann & Eitan Efrat)

Mar 23, 2016 – Feb 6, 2017 Centre Pompidou Paris (FR)
Cher(e)s Ami(e)s : Hommage aux donateurs des collections contemporaines
ExhibitionLe Guide du Parc (Sven Augustijnen)

Apr 29 – Sep 18 Museum M Leuven (BE)
Aglaia Konrad: From A to K
ExhibitionConcrete & Samples III Carrara (Aglaia Konrad), Concrete & Samples I Wotruba Wien (Aglaia Konrad)

May 3 – Jun 28 Galería Macchina Santiago (CL)
Islas Nuevas
ExhibitionParque do Flamengo (Sophie Nys)

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Auguste Orts is supported by
Vlaamse Gemeenschap

Partner of Auguste Orts is
Hogeschool Sint-Lukas Brussel