New York New York

New York New York

Anouk De Clercq & Fairuz

video, color, 16:9, stereo, BE, 2014, 3'30"

Endurance Idahosa is 16 years old and left Nigeria three years ago. Since then, he lives in Belgium. He is a footballer, plays drums in the local church, loves chicken and donuts.
He embodies “New York New York”, a song that speaks of hopes, dreams and… endurance.
Multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Radway reinterprets the music, suggesting the idea of a one-man-orchestra roaming the streets of New York.

New York New York is part of the Karaoke (ART) series by Davis Freeman.

Introducing Endurance Idahosa
Music Jeremy Radway
Director of Photography Tom Callemin
Produced by Random Scream
With the support of School of Arts Gent

New York New York

Has recently been on display at the following locations:

Winters Binnen Amsterdam (NL), Feb 17-17 — 21:30 Fundação De Serralves Porto (PT), Jun 2-4, 2017 Project Arts Centre Dublin (IE), Nov 26, 2016 — 22:00 Actoral Festival Marseille (FR), Oct 8, 2016 Black Box Theatre Oslo (NO), Mar 11, 2016 Palais de Tokyo Paris (FR), Dec 18, 2015 Nouveau Théâtre de Montreuil (FR), Nov 20, 2015 PACT zollverein Essen (DE), Mar 28, 2015 Theatre Garonne Toulouse (FR), Mar 20, 2015 Beursschouwburg Brussel (BE), Feb 26, 2015 — 20:30 Nouveau théâtre Montreuil (FR), Feb 13-14, 2015 WORM - Internationaal Film Festival Rotterdam (NL), Jan 25, 2015 — 22:00 Teatro Maria Matos Lisbon (PT), Dec 6, 2014 BUDA Kortrijk (BE), Nov 29, 2014 Nomad Los Angeles (US), Nov 14, 2014 Schouwburg Rotterdam (NL), Sep 26, 2014 — 21:30 Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival Groningen (NL), Aug 30, 2014